Monday, July 16, 2007

uTorrent 1.7.1 and all the claims about MAFIAA involvement.

There have been a lot of claims that uTorrent sends data back to the MAFIAA (RIAA/MPAA).

I have this to say:
1> Wireshark log saying it doesn't. The IP addresses that you are all claiming uTorrent reports to aren't getting any traffic. I don't use any IP blockers or software firewalls, so this log is 100% accurate for packet data.
2> Put up (your wireshark log giving proof of your claims) or shut up.

As for uTorrent leaking data outside of the tracker, it's not. 1.7.1 has added a UDP multicast search for peers on the local subnet.

(update: this all also applies to 1.7.2)