Saturday, November 24, 2007

uTorrent DHT Troubleshooting.

There are some people having trouble getting uTorrent's DHT working. There are several things that need to be checked for you to get it working:
  1. UDP Traffic needs to be allowed in firewalls for DHT to function.
  2. PeerGuardian needs a smarter blocklist selected. Several of the blocklists generated by Bluetack block the DHT bootstrap nodes used by uTorrent.
  3. IF DHT has worked in the past, try torrents from OpenOffice or Depthstrike Entertainment's Open Source and Freeware tracker
  4. Shut down uTorrent, remove the dht.dat and dht.dat.old files from %appdata%\utorrent and restart uT, then retry.
Some configurations outright block DHT traffic due to the nature of the connection. There's nothing that can be done in these cases.

If you're going to post on the uTorrent forums for further help, post useful information, like a list of the internet security software you have installed, HOW it's not working, and what you've done to troubleshoot.

I don't handle troubleshooting of uT issues here.